Online Slot Stakes To Be Capped At £2 For Under 25’s In The UK From September 2024

online slots max stakes

In a significant development, the government is set to implement stake limits for online slot games, marking a crucial moment in the regulation of online gambling. The move aims to address the addictive nature of easily accessible online slot games and mitigate associated risks such as substantial losses, prolonged gaming sessions, and binge play. This article delves into the details of the new regulations, exploring their impact on different age groups and the rationale behind these measures.

The Stakes: A Breakdown

1. Introduction of Stake Limits

  • For adults aged 25 and over, a maximum stake of £5 will be enforced, aligning online slot game stakes with those in casinos.
  • Young adults aged 18 to 24 will face a lower stake limit of £2 per spin, acknowledging their higher vulnerability to gambling-related harm.

2. Addressing the Young Adult Challenge

  • Young adults, with their lower disposable income and ongoing neurological development, form a demographic with the highest average problem gambling score.
  • The decision to impose a lower stake limit for this age group is backed by evidence pointing to a stronger link between gambling-related harm and suicide among young adults.

3. Consultation and Public Support

  • The government’s decision stems from a 10-week consultation period, where a majority of respondents, including industry experts, academics, treatment providers, and individuals, supported the proposal for statutory limits on online slot games.

Government’s Perspective

4. Insight from Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew

  • Despite millions engaging in safe gambling daily, the evidence highlights a significantly higher problem gambling rate for online slot games.
  • Acknowledging the vulnerability of young adults, the government is committed to addressing both issues, ensuring a level playing field with land-based sectors.

5. Public Health Concerns

  • Evidence from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities reveals that young adults, especially under 25s, exhibit the highest average problem gambling score.
  • NHS survey figures underline an alarming 8.7% problem gambling rate for online slots, casino, or bingo games among young adults.

6. Endorsement from GambleAware

  • CEO of GambleAware, Zoë Osmond, applauds the introduction of lower online stake limits for under 25s as a crucial mechanism to protect young people.
  • Collaboration with the government and other stakeholders is emphasized to ensure the effective implementation of these preventative measures.

Implementation and Future Steps

7. Timeline for Enforcement

  • The stake limits are set to be effective in September, following secondary legislation.
  • Operators will have a six-week transition period to comply with the general £5 stake limit, followed by an additional six weeks to implement technical solutions for compliance with the £2 stake limit for young adults.

8. Broader Gambling Sector Reforms

  • The stake limits are part of a comprehensive approach outlined in the government’s white paper to modernize the gambling sector.
  • Additional measures include the introduction of a statutory levy for research, prevention, and treatment, alongside financial risk checks to prevent life-changing losses.


As the government takes bold steps to regulate slot games at online betting sites, the industry awaits the positive impact on curbing gambling-related harm. With a focus on both player safety and industry support, these measures are a testament to the commitment to creating a safer and more responsible gambling environment. As the landscape evolves, ongoing refinements and responses to wider white paper measures will further shape the future of the gambling sector in the digital age.

Advancements in Live Streaming Technologies and Their Impact on Poker Gaming

online poker live streaming

Online poker has undergone a transformation with the adoption of live streaming technologies. These advancements have enabled more interactive and engaging gameplay, bringing a new level of realism to the online poker environment. Players now have the ability to observe their opponents in real time, adding strategic depth to the game.

Enhancing Player Skills and Strategies

Live streaming has introduced new dimensions to online poker strategies. Players can now gain insights by observing body language and reactions, skills that were once exclusive to physical gameplay. This evolution in online poker has led to a more skill-focused approach, encouraging players to refine their strategies and adapt to this new way of playing.

Community Building in Online Poker

The rise of live streaming has also fostered a stronger sense of community among online poker players. Interactive platforms allow for real-time communication and engagement, enabling players to connect, share strategies, and learn from each other. This community aspect has significantly enriched the online poker experience, making it more than just a game of cards.

Integrating Cutting-Edge Technologies

The incorporation of technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in live streaming is setting new standards in online poker. These technologies offer players an immersive experience, closely replicating the feel of playing at a physical table. This technological leap is attracting new players and retaining the interest of seasoned ones.

Online Poker Tournaments: A Global Stage

Live streaming has also transformed online poker tournaments, allowing them to reach a worldwide audience. This global exposure benefits players, organizers, and the poker industry as a whole. For players looking for platforms that utilize these technologies, online poker offers a range of options, catering to various preferences and skill levels.

Advanced Analytics in Live Streaming Poker

The integration of advanced analytics in live streaming poker platforms has provided players with valuable insights. These analytics offer real-time data on playing patterns, odds calculations, and opponent analysis. For players, this means a more informed approach to the game, enhancing decision-making skills. This shift towards data-driven strategies marks a significant change in how players engage with the game, making it more analytical and less reliant on guesswork.

Monetization and Revenue Streams in Poker Streaming

Live streaming has opened new avenues for monetization in the poker industry. Streamers can now earn through sponsorships, advertisements, and viewer subscriptions. This model not only benefits the streamers but also contributes to the growth of the poker industry. For players and fans alike, this means a more diverse and rich content offering, as streamers are incentivized to create high-quality, engaging content.

Impact on Regulation and Fair Play

With the rise of live streaming in online poker, there has been an increased focus on regulation and fair play. Regulatory bodies are now more vigilant in ensuring that live streaming platforms adhere to fair play standards. This includes monitoring for any fraudulent activities and ensuring that the game remains transparent and fair for all participants. This heightened focus on regulation has helped build trust among players and maintain the integrity of the game.

The Role of Community Feedback in Shaping Online Poker

Community feedback has become a pivotal part of the online poker industry, especially with the advent of live streaming. Platforms often rely on user feedback to improve the gaming experience, implement new features, and address any issues. This direct line of communication between players and platforms has led to a more user-centric approach in the development of online poker services. It represents a shift towards a more inclusive and responsive online gaming environment.


The integration of live streaming technologies has marked a significant milestone in the evolution of online poker. These advancements have not only improved the gameplay experience but have also played a crucial role in skill development, community building, and the global reach of poker tournaments. As technology continues to advance, it will further shape the future of online poker.

Choosing Between White Label and Independent Casino Sites

Choosing Between White Label & Independent Casino Sites

When it comes to finding somewhere new to spend your casino betting money you might want to consider whether to sign up with an independent casino or one of the many white label sites licensed in the UK. 

In this article the writers at All Slot Sites, one of the UK’s leading reviewers of online casinos, outline the distinctions between the two to help you make an informed choice based on your own preferences. 

What Is A White Label Casino? 

White labels run on a simple business model where a licensed casino operator supplies the license, the games, the cashier and customer support whilst a site owner focuses on marketing the brand to bring customers through the door. 

Popular white label casino providers in the UK include White Hat Gaming, Aspire Global, Skill on Net, Jumpman Gaming and Progress Play. 

As a rule, the experience at all casinos provided by each provider will be similar because they run on the same platform. 

What Is An Independent Casino?

Independent casino sites are those that run on a unique platform built exclusively for one site. An example would be Casumo, run by Casumo Services Limited, or MrQ, run by Lindar Media. 

Which Is Better? A White Label or an Independent Casino?

At first glance it may be hard to distinguish between a white label and an independent casino. Much of what is different is in the business set up and the technical spec behind the scenes that may not directly affect you as a player. 

However, we have identified some typical distinctions in the player experience that will help you choose between the two. Ultimately which you go for will depend on your own tastes.

Website and User Experience

White Label Casinos – casinos on the same platform will often have a very similar look and feel, chosen from a small number of design templates and with less investment in the overall brand identity. Whilst they may be less attractive as a result, some punters enjoy the familiarity of playing at sites that they know their way around.

Independent Casinos – with more investment behind them will have a unique brand identity, website design and functionality. New sites will have the latest technologies and typically offer a better user experience. 

Game Catalogue

White Label Casinos – usually stick to offering the most popular slots and live tables from the biggest game providers but leave out some of the smaller, more niche ones. Some have only limited choice with less than 500 games. 

Independent Casinos – typically have a wider choice of games from more providers including smaller niche studios, and even exclusive games developed specifically for their players. A few offer games in demo mode too.

Bonuses and Loyalty Promotions

White Label Casinos – the welcome offers are usually very similar across each site on the platform, and the loyalty programs for regular customers are often identical. Promotions may be infrequent and less creative. 

Independent Casinos – operators will seek to distinguish themselves from the competition with uniquely-styled and generous casino welcome bonuses and more rewarding loyalty programs. Integrated features like slots races with leaderboards appear at some independent sites. 

Cashier Services  

White Label Casinos – offer the most popular payment services like Visa and Paypal but fewer niche services like pay by phone or smaller e-Wallets. Some, like Aspire Global, charge up to 3.1% for deposits. 

Independent Casinos – biggest casinos offer a wide choice of payment services including less popular options like Apple Pay, MuchBetter and EcoPayz. Typically, lower minimum deposits – some as low as £5 – and no charges for transactions. 

Customer Support

White Label Casinos – usually one support centre services all sites on one white label platform so it can feel impersonal, and staff may be less friendly. Some provide only on email support, with no live chat or phone. 

Independent Casinos – personal services usually delivered on live chat and phone. Support centres usually open 24/7 365 days a year. 

Trust, Reliability and Reputation 

White Label Casinos – as long as the platform provider carries a UK license then they should be trustworthy. Most white label providers are well-established global businesses with licenses in multiple regulated territories.

Independent Casinos – again, provided they are UK-licensed then they should be safe to play with. Beware though that new sites can go under in a competitive market. Terms and conditions will specify whether your balance has been ringfenced in case of insolvency.

Conclusion – How Does The Experience Differ? 

Which you prefer – white label or independent – is a personal choice. White labels are more cheap and cheerful, but they do offer familiarity and the security of playing with well-established platform providers with a wealth of experience in the industry. On the other hand, independent sites will typically offer something unique, with more sophisticated website and game features, and often more rewarding and flexible loyalty programs. 

Wherever you choose to play, play responsibly. 

Bet365’s Financial Year Overview: Unveiling the Nuances Behind the Headline Loss of £61.2m

bet365 annual losses

Bet365, a juggernaut in the gaming industry, weathered a £61.2 million loss during its 2022-23 financial year, starkly contrasting the £42.8 million profit of the previous year. However, beyond the headline figures lies a tapestry of strategic decisions, operational challenges, and noteworthy successes.

The Pivotal Figures

Contrary to the previous year’s £42.8 million profit, Bet365 navigated a sea of increased costs, attributing the loss to a 4.1% surge in direct costs amounting to £516.6 million. Administrative expenses soared by 42.2% to £2.93 billion, painting a picture of a business grappling with intensified operational expenditures.

The operating loss for the year stood at £37.3 million, a stark contrast to the £15.4 million profit in the preceding year. Additional hurdles in the form of a £62.6 million loss in fair value on investments, offset by £27.2 million in interest income, further contributed to a pre-tax loss of £72.6 million – a significant dip from the prior year’s £49.8 million profit.

Unravelling the Numbers

Amidst the financial turbulence, the UK bookie strategically employed higher spending as a catalyst for increased revenue. Despite the daunting figures, the operator managed to drive sports betting and gaming revenue to £3.39 billion, marking an impressive 18.9% surge. Sports betting revenue rose by 15.0%, complemented by a remarkable 31% hike in gaming revenue for the financial year 2022-23.

The US Expansion Drive

One cannot ignore the pivotal role played by Bet365’s expansion into the United States. CEO Denise Coates underscored the significance of this move, citing successful launches in Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, and even north of the border in Ontario, Canada. The move not only broadened Bet365’s geographical footprint but also fuelled revenue growth.

Quality Over Quantity: A Gaming Approach

Delving into the gaming segment, Coates attributed revenue growth to Bet365’s steadfast commitment to ‘quality over quantity.’ The strategy involved improved localisation in key markets, seamless integration of content from leading providers, ongoing optimization of in-house games content, and the licensing of unique games mechanics.

Analysts’ Perspectives

Analysts echo positivity over Bet365’s revenue growth amidst the reported loss. Regulus Partners commend the company’s evolution into a more “normal” gambling entity, with a growing gaming mix and an expanding mass-market customer base. However, they caution that Bet365’s USP is no longer as clear, potentially leading to escalating costs outpacing revenue.

The Road Ahead

Despite the financial rollercoaster, Bet365 stands firm in its global presence, spanning major markets such as the UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ontario, and several US states. CEO Coates asserts that the company’s focus remains steadfast on expansion, aligning with its long-term strategy of pursuing licenses in regulated markets.

In conclusion, Bet365’s financial year 2022-23 is a tale of resilience, strategic investment, and sustained growth against the backdrop of headline losses. The numbers may paint a challenging picture, but the underlying narrative unveils a company adept at leveraging opportunities and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the global gaming industry.

Financial Year 2022-23

  • Loss: £61.2m
  • Revenue Growth:
    • Increase: 18.9%
    • Sports Betting and Gaming Revenue:
      • Sports Betting Revenue Increase: 15.0%
      • Gaming Revenue Increase: 31%
    • New Customers Growth: 29%
      • US Expansion:
        • Strategic Launches:
          • Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ontario
    • Quality Over Quantity:
      • Gaming Approach:
        • Localisation, Content Integration, Optimization
          • Revenue Growth in Gaming
    • Analysts’ Perspective:
      • Positivity, Caution on USP Clarity
    • Global Presence:
      • UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Ontario, US States
        • Focus on Expansion:
          • Pursuing Licences in Regulated Markets

In this intricate dance of financial intricacies, Bet365 emerges not just as a bearer of losses but as a resilient entity, strategically positioning itself for sustained growth on the global stage.

Rotherham vs Ipswich Prediction

In a highly anticipated Championship clash, Ipswich Town are set to face off against Rotherham United at the New York Stadium. The stakes are high, with Ipswich looking to secure a victory that could propel them to the top of the Championship table, while Rotherham are desperately seeking their second league win of the season to climb out of the danger zone.

Rotherham vs Ipswich Betting Tips

Ipswich’s Impressive Form

The majority of Ipswich supporters may have anticipated a dip in their team’s form, especially after narrowly missing out on promotion back to the Championship earlier this year. However, Ipswich have defied expectations, displaying commendable performance with six wins and one draw in all competitions following the first international break of the season.

Ipswich’s recent run of form has been nothing short of exceptional. Even though three of their last four Championship fixtures were hosted at Portman Road, they still managed to clinch crucial victories against strong opponents like Blackburn Rovers, Hull City, and Preston North End. During this impressive run, they netted a total of 10 goals, which has catapulted Ipswich to the top of the Championship’s attacking charts.

But it’s not all smooth sailing for Ipswich. They recognise the need for improvement in their away form, as they had a 1-1 draw at Huddersfield Town on September 30. Despite noteworthy 1-0 wins at Sheffield Wednesday and Southampton, they are aware that consistency on the road is vital to their campaign.

Rotherham’s Struggle

On the other hand, Rotherham United find themselves in a challenging position, four points adrift of safety. Rotherham have only managed a single league win this season, which underscores their struggle. Their home form will be crucial in their battle to climb the standings.

Five of their meagre six points this season have been earned on home turf, with their solitary win coming against Norwich City. Since that victory, Rotherham have failed to secure a win in any of their last six league fixtures, losing four times and failing to score more than one goal in any match.

However, Rotherham did manage to enter the international break on a positive note, securing a valuable 1-1 draw at Southampton. This result has at least kept them in proximity to 21st place, giving them hope in their fight for survival.

Predicted Lineups

For Rotherham, Fred Onyedinma, who had been dealing with calf issues, is expected to feature in the starting lineup. Jordan Hugill, who scored the equalizer at St Mary’s, is likely to return to the team, with Sam Nombe potentially taking a spot on the substitutes’ bench. Dexter Lembikisa, who represented Jamaica recently, is expected to play at right-back.

Ipswich Town, however, face an injury concern with Wes Burns, who suffered an injury while playing for Wales against Gibraltar. Kayden Jackson is on standby to replace him on the right flank, thanks to his goal against Preston in the previous match. The rest of the lineup may remain unchanged, with Omari Hutchinson waiting patiently for more game time in the league.

Match Prediction

In this crucial clash, we predict Ipswich Town will maintain their impressive form and secure a 2-0 victory over Rotherham United. Despite the break for international fixtures, Ipswich’s attacking prowess and consistency make them strong contenders.

Croatia vs Turkey Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

As Euro 2024 qualifying intensifies, the stage is set for an electrifying showdown as Group D’s leading contenders, Croatia and Turkey, lock horns in Osijek. Both nations currently share the summit of Group D with 10 points each, yet Croatia boasts a game in hand and a psychological edge, having secured victory in Turkey earlier in the competition.

Croatia vs Turkey Betting Tips

Croatia’s Pursuit of European Glory

Croatia, runners-up in the 2018 World Cup and recent finalists in the Nations League, are on a quest to shatter the glass ceiling and clinch European glory in Germany next year. The national team, guided by Zlatko Dalic, is in transition as some of its seasoned stars near the twilight of their careers.

While luminaries like Luka Modric and Ivan Perisic may be approaching the end of their international journey, Manchester City’s Mateo Kovacic showcased his prowess with a brace during Croatia’s 2-0 triumph over Turkey in March. Nevertheless, Turkey remains a formidable opponent in the tightly-contested Group D.

In this group, only Latvia finds themselves stranded at the bottom without a point. Armenia and Wales, each with seven points after five matches, are ready to pounce should either Croatia or Turkey falter in the upcoming fixtures. Croatia aims to maintain its three-point buffer in the group’s crucial top two positions.

The Kockasti face a challenging trip to Cardiff this week before concluding their campaign against Latvia and Armenia in November. First on their agenda, however, is hosting Turkey, with whom they’ve previously drawn all three meetings on Croatian soil.

Turkey’s Regeneration Under Montella

Vincenzo Montella, formerly of Fiorentina and Italy, will make his debut as Turkey’s manager, ascending from his role as Adana Demirspor coach. The journey begins with a daunting encounter in Osijek, while a more straightforward clash with Latvia awaits on Sunday.

Stefan Kuntz’s dismissal as Turkey’s national coach was a turning point, as his team had recently stumbled against Armenia and Japan, overshadowing earlier victories against Latvia and Wales. Turkey, a nation that hasn’t graced the World Cup in two decades and made limited impacts in the European Championship since 2008, is now determined to assert itself on the international stage.

Tackling Croatia at home is a stern test of any team’s mettle, as the hosts have never lost a European qualifier on home soil, boasting an impressive record of 13 wins from their last 15 matches.

Team News

Croatia is led by the experienced Luka Modric, with Ivan Perisic sidelined due to an ACL injury. In his absence, Josip Brekalo could feature in the starting XI. Key defender Josko Gvardiol may miss the game against Wales if booked in midweek. Despite a preliminary squad reshuffle, there are several alternatives at Coach Zlatko Dalic’s disposal.

Turkey’s Merih Demiral will serve a suspension, leaving Montella with the task of selecting a central defensive partnership. Injuries to star players Arda Guler and Cengiz Under open the door for other talents. Kerem Akturkoglu is expected to provide creativity, and uncapped Juventus forward Kenan Yildiz may make an appearance. The captain’s armband is held by Hakan Calhanoglu, while the goalkeeping battle features Altay Bayindir and Ugurcan Cakir.

Predicted Lineups

Croatia Possible Starting Lineup:

  • Livakovic; Juranovic, Vida, Gvardiol, Sosa; Modric, Brozovic, Kovacic; Kramaric, Petkovic, Brekalo

Turkey Possible Starting Lineup:

  • Cakir; Celik, Ayhan, Soyuncu, Ozkacar; Yuksek; Kahveci, Kokcu, Calhanoglu, Akturkoglu; Yilmaz

Croatia vs Turkey Prediction

Croatia, recently confirmed as co-hosts for the 2032 Euros, seeks to solidify their position atop Group D with a home victory. In contrast, Turkey, under Montella’s management, faces a challenging transition period and is expected to endure defeat in this fixture. While Croatia strives for another home win, Turkey might find themselves in a three-way battle for the second spot.

Next England Manager Odds – Who Will Replace Gareth Southgate?

next england manager odds

Gareth Southgate has been in the headlines this week with strong rumours that the England Boss will step down after Euro 2024.

The news came as England prepare for their Euro 2024 qualifying match against Ukraine on Saturday evening. A game in which they’re strong favourites to pick up another three points.

Southgate’s side are currently sitting top of Group C having won all for of their qualifying matches, scoring 15 goals in the process and conceding just one. Having reached the final of the most recent European Championships, there’s high hopes for England in 2024 and with this most likely being Southgate’s final tournament as manager, he’d like nothing more than to go out on a high.

Fans have had mixed opinions on Southgate during his time as England boss with many expressing their frustration of a lack of squad rotation and a somewhat defensive approach to games and tournaments. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that Southgate has lead England to a European Championships final followed by reaching the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar when other England managers, who perhaps had a better choice of players on paper, failed to achieve the same.

So, should Gareth Southgate step down after Euro 2024, who is in line to be the next England manager?

Next England Manager Odds
Graham Potter8/1boylesports
Lee Carsley8/1coral
Pep Guardiola8/1william hill
Eddie Howe9/1william hill
Sarina Wiegman10/1william hill
Steven Gerrard12/1coral
Mauricio Pochettino12/1boylesports
Thomas Tuchel14/1coral
Steve Cooper14/1william hill

Graham Potter & Lee Carsley are Favourites

Graham Potter has emerged as one of the frontrunners to be the next England football manager. Potter’s rise from lower-league football to managing in the Premier League has earned him a positive reputation as a coach. His time at Brighton & Hove Albion has showcased his ability to get the most out of a team whilst playing attractive football but there may be some concerns about his ability to handle big players which is exactly what he’d get with the England job, albeit without as much drama. His time at Chelsea was a period to forget and some may prefer others. He could potentially bring a fresh perspective to the national team, and is currently priced at 8/1 with bookmaker Coral to take over from Southgate.

Alongside Potter in the bookies odds table is Lee Carsley. The former midfielder has steadily climbed the coaching ranks, earning respect for his work with the England U21s. He was appointed manager of the U21s back in July 2021 and went on to win the European Under-21 Championship two years later, beating Spain 1–0 in the final. He is also a candidate for the next Ireland manager but with Southgate landing the senior role after working with the U21s, Carsley should not be overlooked.

Pep Guardiola

Per Guardiola is reportedly the FA’s first choice to take over from Gareth Southgate. However, would the Manchester City manager want the job?

On one hand, he’s already won the treble with City and so could be tempted to move onto a new challenge. However, he’s impressed at club level and with his current contract not expiring until 2025, it’s likely that he’ll either remain at City or move onto another major European club.

Eddie Howe

Newcastle United have been transformed under Eddie Howe. Yes, the club has seen considerable investment since their PIF takeover, but ultimately it has been Howe who has gotten the most out of his players and lead them to a place in the Champions League for the first time in 20 years.

This season will be a big one for both Newcastle and Eddie Howe and the outcome of it could determine whether or not the ex-Bournemouth manager is in the running for the England job next summer.

How is currently odds of 9/1 with William Hill bookmakers to be the next permanent England manager.

Sarina Wiegman

Odds on Sarina Wiegman are as low as 8/1 with BetVictor to become the next manager of the England Men’s team after Southgate, with odds shortening following her success with the Women’s team.

Wiegman won the European Women’s Championship with England in 2022 and reached the final of the 2023 World Cup, only to lose by a single goal to Spain. She’s proven herself on the big stage and has lost just 2 of her 39 games in charge of the Lionesses.

If she succeeds Southgate, she’ll become the first women to manage the men’s team. Many will believe that she should gain more experience managing men’s football before being offered the England job, but she’s definitely a candidate that will be considered.

Steven Gerrard, Mauricio Pochettino & Others

Several other high-profile managers are in contention for the England job and a lot can happen before anyone is appointed.

Should England go one further than they did at Euro 2020, there’s a chance that Southgate could be offered an extension to his current contract which he may consider with the 2026 World Cup following two years after which he’s like another crack at.

If you’re thinking of having a bet on the next England manager, we recommend BetVictor who offer odds on all the top candidates and often have the best prices available on football markets.

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Real Madrid Odds On To Land Kylian Mbappé from PSG

Kylian Mbappé

French football star Kylian Mbappé is up for sale from Paris Saint-Germain, sparking uncertainty and excitement about his transfer. The 24 year old is set to become the world’s highest-paid player following Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal’s record breaking bid of $322 million earlier this week. 

After signing his first professional contract at 17 years old with Ligue 1 team Monaco in 2016, the team had a remarkable season: winning the league and reaching the Champions League semi-final. Much of this unprecedented success was a result of Mbappé’s signing to the team. Following this success, he signed with Paris Saint-Germain in 2017 where he has played since, Mbappe has continued to break club records and became the PSG’s all-time goal scorer in 2023. Mbappé became the second teenager after Pele to score in a World Cup final when France won the tournament in 2018. 

The French captain and superstar is in the final year of his contract at PSG, with its expiration in 2024 and the club have put him up for sale, with the player excluded from the team’s preseason tour to Japan. PSG are keen to sign a deal soon as if an agreement is not reached by 31 August, Mbappé is prepared to honor his contract for the remaining year which would leave them without any extra income. 

The $322 Saudi offer could reportedly come to a staggering $775 annually including commercial arrangements and brand deals on top of his salary. However, there are yet to be any talks between Al-Hilal and Mbappé himself so the likeliness of such a move is currently unknown. While PSG have reportedly accepted their bid, many football experts have questioned whether or not he would want to move from Europe when he is at the peak of his career. Christiano Ronaldo is currently the world’s highest paid athlete, reportedly earning more than $215 million with Al Nassr in the Saudi League.

Mbappé’s signing would make him the most expensive player ever although his stance on the club’s bid is not known. 

UK based bookie BetFred has Mbappé at 6/1 to sign with any Saudi team. 

He has been heavily linked with Real Madrid for years, although no deal has been made yet. Despite Los Blancos being adamant not to pursue a summer move, they are rumored to have lowered Paris Saint-Germain’s demands in hope of signing the French striker for next season. It has been reported that PSG are asking for 250m euros and the transfer could be completed within the next few days. 

BetFred have Mbappé at 10/11 to move to Real Madrid, making it the bookie’s top destination at the moment. 

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are among the many clubs keen to be linked with Mbappé’s move this summer. PSG is now open to taking offers from various English clubs, providing they are able to fund the entirety of the player’s great wages. Many clubs are expected to offer a player(s) as well as cash due to Mbappés hefty price which makes his signing in the Premier League highly unlikely with bookie Bet Fred having English clubs at 33/1 to land the striker. 

Ultimately, the financial implications of the transfer of the most successful player in the world is fundamental and Real Madrid are odds on to secure the French superstar despite Al-Hilal’s lucrative bid. 

Can England Win The World Cup 2023?

englaand womens world cup

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is almost upon us and the Lionesses will be travelling to Australia and New Zealand in a bid to triumph once again after several impressive performances resulted in winning the European Championship last summer.

Lioness manager Sarina Wiegman has transformed the squad after taking the reigns in September 2021, taking over from ex-England full-back Phil Neville. Winning Euro 2022 within her first year in charge of the team was impressive enough but Wiegman will have her sights set on the World Cup this summer and the UK bookies seem to think that it’s a likely outcome.

What Are The Odds On England To Win The World Cup in 2023?

England are currently second favourites to win the 2023 World Cup at a best price of 9/1 with Bet365. Four-time World Cup winners USA are the bookies favourites at 5/2, which should come as no surprise given that Vlatko Andonovski’s side have won the last two tournaments with a 2-0 victory over the Netherlands securing the win at France 2019.

England’s performances throughout Euro 2022 lifted the spirits of the nation and the women’s game has seen a huge increase in popularity due to their success. They showed during that tournament that they have one of the best squads in the world and players such as Georgia Stanway, Ella Toone and Keira Walsh could all shine this summer and help their team go all the way.

Their success in the European Championships will surely help them in the World Cup. Not just because of the standard of football that they displayed but also because of the experience that they gained. Against Spain in the quarter-finals they were 1-0 down with just 6 minutes of normal time remaining and were looking like they had reached the stage of elimination. However, a 84th minute equaliser from Ella Toone lifted the spirits of the team and a tremendous strike from outside of the box from Georgia Stanway in the 96th minute of the game confirmed England’s place in the semi-finals. That game would have taught the players a lesson in belief which will surely be needed at least once throughout their World Cup campaign this summer.

England Women’s World Cup Group

The Lionesses have been drawn into Group D along with Denmark, China & Haiti. None of those three teams should pose too much of a threat to England which is reflected in the extremely short odds of 1/66 for them to qualify for the knockout stages. Even to win the group, England are as short as 1/33 with some bookmakers and so if you are thinking of having a bet, you’ll probably find more value in the later stages of the tournament when England face some tougher opposition.

How Far Will England Go At The 2023 World Cup?

Being second favourites to win the tournament, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see England reach the final of the World Cup. They’re at odds of 9/4 to do so with Coral which still isn’t a hugely appealing price considering that they will likely face some talented and experienced teams in the quarters and semi-final should they get that far. They’ll be hoping to stay clear of the likes of USA, Spain, Germany and France but odds are that they’ll have to progress past a couple of them if they are to reach the final stage.

With England fully expected to progress out of Group D, the focus will be on the knockout stages and until they know who they will be facing, it’s hard to give an accurate prediction or to know whether or not there is any value in the odds of them reaching the final. A better bet may be to wait until the knockout fixtures are confirmed and back England in individual matches to progress which I’d expect would result in a greater return overall.

Can An England Player Claim The Golden Boot At The 2023 Women’s World Cup?

If last summer’s Euros showed anything, it was that England have goals in them. Beth Mead found the net six times to finish as the tournaments top goalscorer and the Arsenal forward will have her eyes set on the Golden Boot at this years World Cup. Alessia Russo bagged four goals with Fran Kirby, Georgia Stanway, Ella Toone and the now retired Ellen White all notched up two.

Fans will certainly be expecting goals from the Lionesses throughout the tournament but can any one player claim the Golden Boot?

Rachel Daly is the shortest odds out of the England players to finish as the tournaments top goalscorer. The England forward has scored 13 goals in 69 appearances for her country so far and an impresses 22 goals in as many games for Aston Villa last season.

Alessia Russo is the next England player in the Golden Boot odds table and is priced at 18/1 with Coral. Russo scored 22 goals in 46 appearances for Manchester United before moving to Arsenal recently and currently has a tally of 11 goal sin 22 games for England.

Although seeing an England player claim the Golden Boot award would be great to see, fans are hoping for a repeat of Euro 2022 which lifted spirits of the nation and could be considered a major catalyst in the development of women’s football.

Good Luck England!

Labour Odds On To Win Most Seats At Next General Election

labour odds general election

Back in the mists of time, before the wretched pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine, Boris Johnson led the Conservatives to a landslide victory in the 2019 General Election. The Tories won 43.6% of the vote, the highest percentage for any party since 1979, and made a net gain of 48 seats. After a relatively short-lived and eventful time in office, Johnson was forced out of office in the summer and he now occupies the hinterland of the back benches with his replacement, Liz Truss, appointed Prime Minister just five short weeks ago.

The next General Election is due to take place in late 2024 or early 2025 at the latest and current polls indicate that the voting public is moving away from the Tories in droves, giving Labour party leader, Sir Keir Starmer, a real chance to form the first Labour administration since 2010. In the betting markets, odds are shortening that Labour will win the most seats at the next General Election, with BetVictor offering odds as short as 1/3.

The mini budget, announced by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, on 23 September has been the primary catalyst for the steep drop in the popularity of the Conservatives. Labour were 8% ahead of the Tories in the polls at the point Truss was formally appointed as Prime Minister in September and this lead increased slightly to 11% in the following three weeks. Following Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget – a £161 billion dash for growth based on tax cuts – Labour’s lead extended to a whopping 22% by the end of September and this lead is continuing to grow.

Financial markets and major financial institutions have not been reassured by the recent U-turn on the proposed axing of the 45% tax rate, not by the vague assurance from Liz Truss that the enormous hole in the public finances – as a result of tax cuts and the projected £60 billion cost of the energy support package – will be met in the “medium term” whilst promising no cuts in public services. Many of the 356 Conservative MP’s remain desperately worried about the future of the party as interest rates rise, sterling suffers, the property market is in turmoil and pension funds struggle to gain more support from the Bank of England. The reputational damage to the party of the mini budget is enormous, enhancing the perception that the Conservatives are a party that advances the interests of the rich at the expense of the poor.

At the last General Election, the Conservatives made significant gains, winning many seats in areas seen as Labour strongholds, the so-called “Red Wall” being demolished. Labour currently holds 198 seats with the Scottish National Party having 44 seats in Scotland (where Labour holds only 1 seat and the Conservatives a measly 6).

UK on-line politics magazine,, has recently reviewed all recent polls and factored in projected changes in constituency boundaries to estimate how the country would vote, were an election to be held this autumn. Its conclusions, published at the end of September, are that Labour could win an outright majority of 54 in the House of Commons with a projected 375 seats. Conservatives would be swept from power and up to 11 current Conservative cabinet members would lose their seats.

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