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18+ only. Up to £1,000 commission back at the end of the first 30 days as withdrawable funds. Standard 2% commission rate applies. Not available to API or RDT customers. New customers only. T&Cs Apply.

Up to £1,000 Cashback


18+ only. Up to £1,000 commission back at the end of the first 30 days as withdrawable funds. Standard 2% commission rate applies. Not available to API or RDT customers. New customers only. T&Cs Apply.

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Founded in the year 2000 and taken over by betting giants, Ladbrokes in 2013, Betdaq is one of the oldest and most established betting exchanges, right after market leaders Betfair themselves!

Offering good coverage of sports, current affairs and political events worldwide, Betdaq also offer some of the best commission rates of any betting exchange, this sees them charging only 2% on Horse Racing, Football, Greyhounds, Cricket and virtual sports and 0% on everything else!

In this review, I am going to look deeper into the Betdaq exchange and see how this well established platform could help you get the most from your betting. Starting off with probably one of the best reasons to join Betdaq, the sign-up offer, which sees new customers getting up to £1000 cashback from all commissions paid in their first 30 days or a £10 free bet to use on either the Exchange or sportsbook!


Up to £1,000 Cashback


18+ only. Up to £1,000 commission back at the end of the first 30 days as withdrawable funds. Standard 2% commission rate applies. Not available to API or RDT customers. New customers only. T&Cs Apply.

Welcome Offer

All new customers who sign up to the Betdaq exchange by clicking here will be eligible for one of two excellent sign-up offers.

Signing up and using the code DAQBACK will see new customers eligible for up to £1000 in cashback made up from all of the commissions paid to the exchange within the first 30 days of account opening!

betdaq welcome offer

NB - Be sure to enter the code DAQBACK when signing up to ensure your new account is eligible for the cashback offer!

Alternatively, signing up here and using the code BDQ10, when requested, will allow new customer to be eligible for a £10 free bet on either the Betdaq Exchange or the Betdaq Sportsbook (an initial bet of £10 at odds of 2.0+ must first be placed on either the exchange or sportsbook to be eligible for this bet).

NB - Cashing out your first bet will invalidate this £10 free bet promotion, please check the full T&C’s by clicking here before placing any bets to ensure the free bet is paid.

You can sign-up to Betdaq and take advantage of either of these special welcome offers by clicking here!

Ongoing 0% Offers at Betdaq

Whilst the £1000 cashback sign-up offer is potentially very valuable for any new customers of Betdaq, this exchange also offers regular ongoing promotions across the sporting calendar. These promotions include a long running theme of offering 0% commission on sport-filled Saturdays as well as on other big events like the Euro 2020 and the Grand National.

betdaq 0% commission

Whilst the specifics of these offers does seem to change from month to month, it is always worth regularly checking the Betdaq promotions page to make sure you are getting the best value from your exchange betting and in turn your Betdaq account.

Betdaq Commissions

One of the main differences between traditional bookies and a betting exchange is the need to pay a small commission on any winning bets to the exchange operator (which are usually taken from any winnings automatically).

Thankfully, due to the Betdaq exchange being mainly 0% commission over the majority of sports that are covered, Betdaq now has one of the most competitive exchange services available as of today. In fact, with the exception of Horse Racing, Football, Greyhound Racing and Cricket, all other markets at Betdaq offer 0% commission to all exchange customers (for both back and lay bets it should also be said).

Whilst the 2% commission on popular sports like football and cricket is the same as it would be at close competitors including Matchbook and Smarkets, the 0% commission on all other events could make Betdaq a very competitive offering for those who bet on other popular sports covered by the 0% tier such as golf and tennis amongst many others!

It is also important to understand that losing bets incur no commission charges at Betdaq at all and that, whilst such a commission might seem like a negative at first, the enhanced odds available on betting exchanges like Betdaq mean you could still (often) end up winning more on an exchange, even after commission has been taken away!

Range of Sports Available at Betdaq

One of the biggest attractions of using a betting exchange over traditional bookies, alongside the much higher odds which are usually on offer, is the huge range of sports and selections which are available to bet on.

Betdaq are no exception in this regard and cover a very wide range of sports markets from Premier League and European soccer through to tennis, golf, Formula 1 and political markets such as the next UK prime minister and the 2024 US president.

Even if your sport of choice is more international such as MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey or NFL American Football, these worldwide sports plus many more are all covered by the Betdaq exchange!

Some of the most popular sports categories and markets include:

Football / Soccer

Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the UK and a popular choice when it comes to betting on everything from the winner of a game through to the correct score, both teams to score, the number of cards and corners, over / under 2.5 goals and plenty of other options in between.

Given the overwhelming popularity of football betting, it is great to see Betdaq have a solid football offering with coverage of all major leagues including the English Premier League, the English Championship, popular European leagues including the Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga as well as worldwide leagues such as the Japanese J league and the COPA America Cup.

Whilst looking at any given football event, we often see many available markets to bet on including:

  • 1x2 (match odds)

  • Correct Score

  • Winner & BTTS

  • Winner and Over / Under

  • Double Chance

  • Goals Under / Over (0.5 / 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.5 etc.)

  • Asian Handicap (-2.5 / -2 / -1.5 etc.)

  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

  • 1st Half Asian Handicap

  • Half-Time / Full-Time

  • Half-Time Correct Score

  • First-Half Over / Under

  • Second-Half Over / Under

  • Home / Away Win to Nil

  • Double Chance

  • Home / Away Clean Sheet

  • Plus many more…..

Whilst liquidity and market depth on many football markets might often be down slightly against bigger exchanges such as Betfair and Smarkets, Betdaq does make it easy to get involved with football matches and finding any game, big or small, is easy thanks to the football homepage and the football navigation links available on the left of the site:

betdaq football

In-play football betting is also a great feature provided by Betdaq with many football markets available to bet on in-play and cash-out from right up to the very end of any given game (and Betdaq don't simply remove the cash-out option to suit themselves, like some traditional bookies might do). 

With all of this in mind, Betdaq is ideal for anyone who takes football seriously and is, perhaps, looking for a flexible and  easy to use alternative away from the bigger exchange players such as Betfair and Smarkets.

Horse Racing

After football, horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the UK and one which is clearly revered by Betdaq. This means, via the excellent racing section, access is provided to all popular UK and Irish horse racing events alongside many other mainstream events from meetings all over the world, this includes Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA amongst many others.

Navigating to all available races for any given day is easy thanks to the main Horse Racing link found on the main left side menu. Once clicked, it is easy to then go straight to UK  racing, Irish racing, French racing as well as any other country with a big meeting on any given day. 

betdaq horse racing

As can be seen in the screenshot above, finding races for any given day, country or meeting is really easy at Betdaq as is placing any initial bets which can be done from within most pages for the most popular events (see the next races section above for how easy to use these pages really are).

If you are a horse racing fan then it is also worth noting that Betdaq (like other exchanges) usually have horse races priced up the evening before or earlier making them ideal for placing early bets on horse racing at fixed odds (more traditional bookies might limit you to only SP the evening before, if anything at all).


Tennis is another popular sport with many of the world's professional and major tournaments available to bet on at Betdaq. A good range of markets is also available including:

  • Match Winner

  • Set Winner

  • Games Over / Under

  • Set Betting

  • Winner & Over

  • Correct Score

  • Odd / Even Games

  • Plus others...


Golf is another popular worldwide sport which features good coverage by Betdaq, this includes all of the golf majors in addition to coverage from all of the main golf tours including the PGA Tour, the European Tour and the Asian Tour amongst others.

A good range of golf markets are covered including:

  • Winner

  • Top 5 / 10 / 20

  • 1st Round top 5 / 10 / 20

  • 1st round leader

  • Top American / European / GB player

  • Selected players to make the cut

  • And more...


Betdaq does provide coverage of mainstream motorsport events including, amongst others, the Formula 1 world championship.

F1 race markets commonly available include:

  • Race winner

  • Top 3 / 5 / 10 finish

  • Plus some other race related markets...

Unfortunately, Betdaq does fall behind rivals Smarkets and Betfair with F1 coverage, this can be seen with a quick look (mid season) at the drivers world championship market:

betdaq motorsports

With very little money matched and virtually no market depth, Betdaq so far seem to be struggling with the F1 championship markets.

Moving on to an F1 race weekend and things don't look much better, as I write this approximately 3 hours before an F1 qualifying session, there isn't even a qualifying winner (pole position) market available! Looking at the race the following day and, whilst the market does exist, there has been zero money matched and is zero money available to bet against.

betdaq f1

Comparing the above to competing exchange, Smarkets, we see a much different picture (at the same time of day):

smarkets mortorsports

As can be seen above, like-for-like Smarket seem to not only have much more money available on the same markets (the day before) but also offer many additional markets compared to Betdaq (including drivers and constructors championship without Mercedes / Hamilton / Red Bull / Ferrari etc.).

Overall, slightly disappointing in this regard, but it needs to be remembered these Betdaq motorsport markets are always in the 0% commission tier so they are still worth checking for a good value bet!


Political betting has soared in popularity over the last few years thanks to some very unexpected events including Donald Trump defying the odds to become US president and the British people voting for Brexit!

Betdaq does provide access to a good range of political markets and, unlike all of their main competitors, all of these political markets are all covered under the 0% commission tier.

betdaq politics

Whilst a good range of political markets does exist at Betdaq, as can be seen above, these markets tend to be very limited in liquidity and market depth. This means that, at the very least in the run up to such events, finding enough money available at good enough odds to get a bet on might sometimes prove difficult.

For comparison, looking at the same US President 2024 market at competing exchange, Smarkets, we see a much different picture:

smarkets politics

As can be seen above, with £39k+ matched at Smarkets versus £0 at Betdaq this is clearly, at least at time of writing, not the ideal palace to be making such political bets!

Liquidity at Betdaq

Whenever choosing to bet at a betting exchange instead of a traditional bookie, the issue of liquidity and market depth needs to be taken into consideration.

Liquidity is basically the amount of money that has been matched between those placing back bets and those placing lay bets, a useful figure which will help betting exchange users determine how easily a bet can be placed and subsequently matched on any given market.

Also important when placing bets at an exchange is the depth of money available at the current best odds in addition to the spread in those current odds on offer (which is basically how far apart those backing are with those laying selections on any given event). These values will differ between different events from those with a lot of liquidity and market depth, such as mainstream football, through to events with potentially very little liquidity and market depth such as smaller golf tournaments and lower league football.

betdaq liquidity

Starting off with a look at the Euro 2020 fixture, Italy vs Austria (pictured above, about 8 hours before kick off) we can see that £149,328 of bets have currently been matched on the 1x2 market. Add on to this total liquidity the market depth which sees over £2000 available for backing favourites Italy at odds of 1.56 and then a further £5800+ available at the next odds down of 1.55.

Austria are clearly outsiders in the above match with £193 available for backing at odds of 8.2 and then £267 available at 8.1, the next odds level down.

NB- Whilst betting exchanges such as Betdaq won't enforce a “max bet” limit like many bookies do, we are still somewhat limited by these amounts of money mentioned above. For example, to get £200 on Austria above would mean taking some of the money at slightly lower odds (8.1 instead of 8.2 in this example)!

If we are to compare this market above to the equivalent one at Betfair, we would see the following:

betfair exchange liquidity

It immediately becomes clear that Betfair has much higher liquidity than Betdaq in this fixture (with just under £150k matched at Betdaq versus over £1.3M at Betfair) and when looking at Italy in particular, it is clear there is much more market depth with over £13k available to back them at odds of 1.56 versus only just ovr £2k at Betdaq.

Comparing the above Italy vs Austria game at Betdaq to Smarkets (below) and again, we see more liquidity at Smarkets with over £580k in matched bets versus just under £159k and much more market depth with over £11k available to back Italy at odds of 1.55 versus just over £2k at odds of 1.56 on Betdaq (so, slightly better odds but less market depth here at Betdaq).

smarkets liquidity

NB - it is also worth noting that available odds can sometimes vary slightly between different exchanges (although they usually tend to match each other for the same selections). For example, in the Smarkets example above we can see that Italy has odds of only 1.55 available at Smarkets versus 1.56 at Betdaq (although, generally speaking there is much more market depth available at Smarkets for these odds).

Finally, when comparing this same Italy vs Austria game with Matchbook, we see the following liquidity and market depth as per the screenshot below:

matchbook liquidity

If you have checked out our recent Matchbook review you will have seen that Matchbook actually has a very solid football offering, much better than might be expected for a smaller exchange and something which is already apparent in the comparison with Betdaq.

With only just under £150k matched at Betdaq versus nearly £220k at Matchbook, it is clear that Matchbook is more popular on mainstream football fixtures such as the Italy vs Austria Euro 202 fixture above. Having said this, the available odds and market depth (money available) seem roughly in-line with each other in this particular case meaning Betdq is still a very credible player in this particular market!

Unfortunately, as I have attested to earlier on in my review of Betdaq, they do sometimes seem to struggle with liquidity and market depth on some less popular sporting events, this includes the F1 constructors championship as can be seen below (taken mid season and showing no market depth and only £26 matched overall):

betdaq exchange liquidity

Despite this evident lack of support for certain markets being apparent, it is also fair to point out that Betdaq does hold up pretty well when looking at some of the bigger sports including Horse Racing (as can be seen below), plus also Tennis, Golf and, as we have just seen, mainstream Football.

betdaq racing liquidity

Looking at this example of a typical Saturday afternoon race at Betdaq (above) we can see that nearly £40k has been matched approximately 50 minutes before the start and, generally speaking, we also have a tight spread of odds and plenty of market depth to make this market of good value.

Comparing this same market to the one at Betfair, at the same time of day, and we see the following:

betfair racing liquidity

Immediately it is clear that Betfair do have much more liquidity and market depth in the race than Betdaq (over 3 times the money has been matched). What is also worthy of note is that the odds are virtually the same across both exchanges and that Betdaq is not too far behind Betfair in terms of the market depth (money available) on most of the top selections in this race.

It is also worth noting that, like Betfair, Betdaq also feature live video feeds of many of the races they cover! This means, just like Betfair, they have really set themselves up well as a good exchange for those betting on horse racing!

Multiples and ACCAs at Betdaq

One area in which it could be argued that all exchanges fall behind the more traditional bookies is when placing multiples, system or accumulator bets! As can be seen below, however, Betdaq does have a good exchange based multiples offering for those seeking such a function of their betting exchange account.

betdaq multiples

To build a multiple simply involves adding 2 or more selections to the main betslip as per usual, once 2 or more selections are added the betslip will automatically display the “Multiples” options below the main betslip (as can be seen in the grey “Multiples” area below the slip pictured above).

NB - At time of writing, multiples at Betdaq can only be made up of back bets only, if laying of multiples is important then check out our review of Smarkets (who do support laying exchange multiples).

Unfortunately, as with other exchanges including Matchbook and Smarkets, multiples from Betdaq do have a major limitation in that only one selection per event can be added to the bet (as per the screenshot below, the betslip will warn us if we try and add multiple selections from the same event):

betdaq accumulators

This does, of course, put it on the back foot versus the modern “bet builder” systems offered by many traditional bookies such as Coral, Bet365 and William Hill amongst many others, systems whereby multiple selections from the same or different events can be built up into virtually any multiple you can think of. If, however, your multiple requirements are a little more down to earth, perhaps picking a series of winning teams from a single day's play, then the multiple offering from Betdaq should still suffice nicely.

At this point, with a valid multiples bet in the betslip and ready, we can place the bet in the same way that we would any other multiples bet, simply select the type of multiple required by entering the stake amount in the corresponding box (a straight treble, for example, form the choices below) and then click submit to place the bet:

betdaq acca

NB - In the image above we see only available multiple types for these selections (Treble, Patent, Trixie and Doubles). Betdaq actually support many other types of multiples bets depending on what is requested at the time, these include:

  • Double / Treble / 4+ leg accumulators

  • Patent

  • Trixie

  • Yankee

  • Super Yankee

  • Lucky 15

  • Lucky 31

  • Lucky 63

  • Heinz

  • Super Heinz

  • Goliath

Before comparing multiples from some other leading exchanges and bookies, there are a few important things to note when placing accumulator bets at Betdaq:

betdaq cash out

1) Multiples at Betdaq are actually placed against the Betdaq sportsbook as opposed to the exchange, this means, even though the exchange prices are shown in the betslip, the multiple will be calculated using the Betdaq Sportsbook odds.

2) Only back bets are allowed on multiples at Betdaq.

3) As was mentioned a little earlier, we can only have 1x selection per sporting event in our multiples bet, this means if I was to add Italy to win versus Austria, then I could not also add both teams to score (BTTS) for this game to the accumulator selection as well.

4) There is a minimum total stake of £1 / €1 per multiples bet

5) A maximum limit of only 15 selections can be added to a multiples bet from Betdaq.

6) In the case of non-runners, multiples bets will automatically be reduced with the remaining legs still standing (e.g. a treble will then become a double and so on).

7) Betdaq does offer the ability to cash out multiples bets, this functionality can be found in the Sportsbook page (accessible from the top main menu) and involves clicking the blue “Cash out” button as is shown below:

Whilst this is looking like a good multiples system on offer from Betdaq, especially with the option to cash said multiples bets out, we can (and should) compare this offering to other exchanges and bookies to see how Betdaq fares.

Comparing Betdaq Multiples with Other Exchanges

Starting with the exchange betting leader, Betfair, we see that we must make use of the integrated Betfair Sportsbook product to place multiples bets at Betfair.

betfair multiple

As can be seen above, when placing the same accumulator at Betfair (Denmark / Italy / Netherlands) we are offered odds of 5.34 versus just 4.87 at Betdaq, quite a big difference in this case and no doubt owing to the fact Betdaq use their sportsbook odds to calculate multiples!

betfair acca

One area in which Betfair does provide some support for exchange based multiples is in certain markets where they offer pre-made multiples which are listed on the exchange (for example, above is a collection of 4 pre-made multiples for a specified day of the Euro 2020 tournament). Whilst this clearly has much less flexibility than the Betdaq multiples offering, it does at least let exchanges users have some multiples exposure whilst using the Betfair exchange (as well as the ability to lay any of these pre-made accumulators).

Moving on to one of Betdaq’s main competitors, Smarkets, we can see the same accumulator as below:

smarkets acca

With odds of 5.5 versus just 4.87 at Betdaq, Smarkets appear to also offer much more value on the surface when it comes to this particular multiple. 

Also important to note is that Smarkets also allow exchange users to both back and lay multiples whereas with Betdaq we can only place back bets at this time. Having said this, we can have up to 15 selections on a multiples bet with Betdaq versus only 10 at Smarkets as well as the ability to cash-out our multiples at Betdaq (something also not yet available with Smarkets multiples bets).

Finally, when comparing the same multiple at Matchbook, we see the following offering for the Denmark / Italy / Netherlands accumulator:

matchbook acca

At odds of 5.42, Matchbook is in-line with Smarkets and Betfair (Sportsbook) in offering noticeably better odds on this particular multiple, Betdaq therefore appears to be poor value in comparison (although, unlike Matchbook, Betdaq does allow us to cashout out our bet).

When comparing Betdaq to Matchbook further, we still see many of the same accumulator limitations including no ability to lay multiples and a maximum limit of only one selection allowed per event amongst other things (although we can have 15 selections per multiple versus Matchbook’s limit of 10).

Comparing Betdaq Multiples to Bookies

Whilst having the option to make multiples and system bets at an exchange is undoubtedly very handy, here I am going to look at how this offering, specifically at Betdaq, compares to that of a traditional bookie.

Just as a quick reminder, here is our Denmark / Italy / Netherlands accumulator with odds of 4.87 at Betdaq:

exchange multiples

Looking at this same accumulator bet with one of the leading UK bookmakers, Coral, we see that the odds are actually much higher at 5.36 versus just 4.87 at Betdaq:

coral bookmaker multiple

Despite Coral, in this instance at least, providing higher odds on this accumulator, we do still see higher odds at Smarkets at 5.5 and Matchbook at 5.42!

Moving on and this time comparing things to one of the leading online bookmakers, Bet365, we now see the following odds for this same accumulator:

bet365 acca

Noticeably much worse odds than those offered by Coral in this instance and a long way behind the other exchange players including Betfair (at 5.34), Smarkets (at 5.5) and Matchbook (5.42). When compared to Betdaq, however we see Bet365 are, in fact, offering the same odds of 4.87 for this particular accumulator.

In conclusion, with all of these multiples betting options across the main 4 exchanges plus a leading online and high street bookie considered, it is, unfortunately, the case that the odds on offer from Betdaq do seem relatively poor. Equally it should be pointed out it is great to have this functionality available at a betting exchange and that they do offer cash-out (although it is via the Betdaq sportsbook, so availability of this feature might sometimes be an issue).

Live Streaming and Match Stats

Betdaq currently offers live streaming across most UK and Irish horse racing alongside other selected horse racing events worldwide.

In addition to this coverage of horse racing, live streaming is also available across many of the UK’s greyhound racing tracks. To be eligible for streaming any race live, a £1 / €1 bet must have been placed on the selected event (this can be either a back or lay bet).

Whilst this streaming set-up is by no means as comprehensive as the one on offer from market leaders, Betfair, and doesn't feature any streaming of European football or tennis either, it does help compliment the Betdaq exchange offering nicely.

One area which does help make up for the limited live streaming functionality on football is the excellent live stats box available on most football games covered by Betdaq:

betdaq in-play

As can be seen in the live stats view above, these boxes provide live stats for the game in question and as well as live updates as to what is happening on the pitch (attacks, corners, saves etc.). Whilst not a full substitute for live streaming in itself, these live stats can be very useful for those wanting to bet live as well as a great accompaniment when watching a live game via other means!

In addition to these live stats, Betdaq also has a solid football stats page that is easily accessible for each game and shows the previous performance stats for each team that is playing.

betdaq live stats

As can be seen above, in this case for Netherlands vs Czech Republic, we can easily see recent form, average goals, number of cards plus many other stats prior to betting on the game. Sure, this information can be gained elsewhere, but by making it part of the exchange page for the fixture itself, Betdaq have done a good job of making such important data easily available.

Betdaq Sportsbook

Betdaq is first and foremost a betting exchange allowing customers to place both back and lay bets across a wide selection of sporting events. What might not be immediately apparent is that (much like Betfair and recently Smarkets) they also offer their exchange customers a sportsbook product as well!

Betdaq Sportsbook

Naturally, you might be wondering what the benefit of this approach is, especially given the higher odds usually associated with exchange betting, right? The simple answer is really down to the liquidity, market depth and general availability of certain bets found on the exchange, to see this in action, let’s consider a Wimbledon tennis game the day before it commences:

Betdaq Sportsbook odds

As can be seen above, with no money matched yet (the afternoon before) nor any money available to bet against, the exchange is clearly not the right place for this kind of bet. Moving on to the Betdaq sportsbook and we see a different story:

Betdaq Sportsbook markets

As above, thanks to heading on over to the Betdaq Sportsbook, we now have the ability to bet on this game (but be aware, the old limitations associated with bookmakers such as max bet size might start coming into play again here).

Next, let’s compare this above tennis match between Marton Fucsovics vs Jannik Sinner at another popular, mainstream bookie, William Hill, as well as betting exchange leaders, Betfair:

william hill odds

Looking at William Hill first (above) we see very similar odds on offer to those at Betdaq, below is the same match at the Betfair Exchange:

betfair exchange odds

Looking at the Betfair market above, first it is clear there isn't much liquidity here with only £152 currently matched, but it is also clear that the odds are slightly higher (as would normally be expected with an exchange).

Finally, it should also be noted that, whilst the sportsbook is more about having convenience than it is amazing odds (usually associated with exchange betting), it also brings with it support for multiples bets, cashing out of multiples bets as well as the ability to easily get a bet on virtually any market at a fixed price (odds on the exchange can sometimes be quite volatile!).

The Betdaq Website & Smartphone Apps

A well designed website and app are essential for any bookie or exchange operator and a key part of delivering a great betting experience to their customers!

betdaq website

Thankfully, with Betdaq, we see a very clean and easy to navigate website which is supported by a very user friendly app available for both iOS and Android.

All of the main markets can easily be navigated using the exchange menu on the left of every page and the top menu makes navigating to different sections of Betdaq such as the Sportsbook and casino easy as well.

All in all, a very nice, clean and user friendly design across both the desktop and smartphone apps, a great job from Betdaq here!

Betdaq Casino and Games

In addition to the betting exchange and sportsbook product, Betdaq also offers a good selection of casino, virtual sports and slots based games across both the main website and via the Betdaq smartphone apps.

betdaq casino

Favourite franchises on offer include Megaways, Starburst, Britain's Got Talent and Rainbow Riches amongst many other popular games. Interestingly however, as of time of writing, Betdaq do not yet have any live casino games on offer!

Whilst exchange betting is clearly the focus at Betdaq, it is still great to see that some casino favourites are provided should they ever be required!

Managing Your Betting at Betdaq

Like other big exchanges including Betfair and Smarkets, Betdaq has a good system for keeping track of any current bets as well as reporting on betting history and any potential profits and losses:

betdaq account

The “My Bets” screen shows any current bets and multiples open on either the exchange or sportsbook and the market P&L screen (shown above) shows total profits and losses over a given period using Betdaq.

Overall a useful reporting system covering both the exchange and sportsbook as well as any multiples placed at Betdaq. Such reporting can quickly become one of the main advantages of using an exchange for anyone who takes the managing of their betting activity seriously.

Betdaq Deposit and Withdrawal Options


You can deposit into Betdaq in multiple different supported currencies, these currently include:

  • GBP (British Pound)

  • EUR (Euro)

Betdaq currently supports the following payment methods for making deposits:

  • Debit card

  • Neteller

  • Skrill

  • PayPal

  • Bank Transfer*

All depositing methods are free to use at Betdaq and all carry a £ / € 10 minimum deposit amount (* bank transfers have a minimum of £ / € 200).


You can withdraw money from Betdaq via several different methods:

  • Debit card

  • Neteller

  • Skrill

  • PayPal

  • Bank transfer

All withdrawal methods carry a £/€10 minimum amount and are fee free to use.

Betdaq also makes clear that all customer funds are protected, once deposited, via a segregated trust account and kept in line with the British Gambling Commission’s requirements.

Help and Support

Betdaq has a good help section on their website featuring numerous articles on using the betting exchange and managing an account. If you need further support from the help team then contact can be made via several methods:

  • Phone: 0870 178 1021 (calls cost 13p per minute, plus any network charges)

  • Email: ( 

  • Live Chat: (for logged in customers only) Hours: Mon - Sat 8am to 9pm & Sun 9:30am to 8pm

  • Social: Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin


Up to £1,000 Cashback


18+ only. Up to £1,000 commission back at the end of the first 30 days as withdrawable funds. Standard 2% commission rate applies. Not available to API or RDT customers. New customers only. T&Cs Apply.

Betdaq PROS

  • Generous Welcome Offer
  • Low Commission

Betdaq CONS

  • Less liquidity than Betfair Exchange
Betdaq Facts

About Betdaq

online since2000


Debit Card Min £10
Skrill Min £10
Neteller Min £10
PayPal Min £10
Bank Transfer Min £10


Debit Card 2-5 Days
Skrill 1 Day
Neteller 1 Day
PayPal 1 Day
Bank Transfer 3-7 Days




Live Chat Available

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New Customers only; Min. deposit £15 (no Skrill/Neteller); Bonus amount is 50% of deposit up to £50; Offer can be claimed once per household; Wager the qualifying deposit and bonus amount 8x within 30 days to convert bonus winnings into real money; Wagers must be on min. odds of 4/5 on singles or acca bets with min. odds of 2/5 per selection to qualify; Max. stake contribution to wagering requirement is the value of your bonus; Certain bet types are excluded; See full terms; 18+


Bet £10 Get £30


New players only. Minimum stake £10. Minimum odds 1.5. Stake not returned. 10x wagering the winnings from the free bet. Wagering occurs from real balance first. Wagering requirement is calculated on bonus bets only. Wagering starts from real funds. Free bet is valid for 7 days from issue. Max conversion £20. Excluded Skrill deposits. Full Terms apply.


Bet £10 get £40


Minimum deposit of £10 using deposit code 30F - A qualifying bet is a ‘real money’ stake of at least £10 placed on any sports market - Minimum odds of 1/2 (1.5) - Free bets credited upon qualifying bet settlement and expire after 7 days - Free bet stakes not included in returns - Casino Bonus must be claimed within 7 days • To withdraw bonus/related wins, wager bonus amount x40 within 14 days • Wagering req. vary by game • Withdrawal restrictions and Full T&C’s apply


Up to £100 in Bet Credits


Min deposit £5. Bet Credits available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Time limits and T&Cs apply. #ad

Betfair Sportsbook

Up to £100 in Free Bets


New customer offer. Place 5 x £10 or more bets to receive £20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum £100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. T&Cs / wagering reqs apply.


Bet £10 Get £30


New UK & NI customers only. promo code ‘SPORTS60’. Deposit & place first sports bet of £10+ in one bet transaction, at odds of Evens (2.0) +. settled within 60 days. First bet must be on Sports. £30 in Free Bets credited within 48 hours of bet settlement, 7-day expiry. Payment restrictions apply. SMS validation may be required. Max 60 Free Spins on Justice League Comics. 7-day expiry.Full T&Cs apply.


Bet £15 Get £10


18+. New customers only. Max one £10 free bet. Qualifying bets must be placed at odds of 1/1 or greater, paid as bonus token with min 4/5 odds req. Skrill, Neteller & PayPal not eligible. T&Cs apply.


Bet £5 Get £30


18+ new customers only. Opt in, bet £5 at odds 2.00+ within 7 days of registering, no cashout. Get 2x £10 Free Bets, set events at odds 2.00+. Plus £10 Slot Bonus, selected games, wager 20x to withdraw max £250. 7 day bonus expiry. Card payments only. T&Cs apply. | Please gamble responsibly

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